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Default Vix's Boys, postscript

P.S. I went to bed after my last post, but woke up two hours later. I'd left Vix and our houseguest talking in the other room but, when I woke up again, just now, it was clear they'd retired together to the guest room.

Vix came out a few minutes ago to get something, wearing nothing on top. I gather they've advanced to shirtless cuddle-buddy status.


My reaction is odd. It's not that I'm jealous or afraid or anything. I'm basically just grossed out. I find our houseguest kind of repulsive, so all I can think in response to the image of them together is "ew ew ew ew ew!!"

I'll have to talk to Vix about my reaction, which I actually find slightly amusing. I don't think it has much bearing on how I feel about Vix, other than just confirming that her tastes in people are quite different from mine.

It does make me kind of see the point of DADT arrangements, though. Sheesh!

Now I need to get back to sleep.

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