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If you potentially have decades of life left, I'm not sure why you feel it's too late for you? It might be harder to find a relationship but I'd doubt if it's impossible. How old are you?

Originally Posted by Shipwrecked View Post
I suppose I could fill up my remaining decades with reading books, watching television, organizing my photographs, taking care of my pets, and doing all the other things people do for solace when there aren't any other people in their lives, but those decades will go pretty slowly, and I expect my single most common activity will be mentally rehashing the mistakes which consigned me to this permanent state of partnerless isolation, and wishing I'd lived my life differently.
This is weird to me. I just don't get that way of thinking at all.

Being free from romantic relationships doesn't mean having no other people in your life. Not at all. It means finding your support network, love and sources of intimacy elsewhere. Building friendships, finding groups to be part of, people and things to be interested in and excited by.

It's possible that you've let some of those skills and ways of looking at the world slip in your adult life of seeking romance. Maybe rather than spending your time in a state of regret, you could seek those ways of looking at the world again?

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