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Default casual sex discussed.

I'm a stinker for bringing this up I think, as it has been cause of heated debate in the past, but, I saw this on our local poly groups FB wall and wrote the below... I was disappointed that no one wanted to discuss it further, so I thought I would see if anyone here wanted to... this is what I wrote.

"I love that this article is so much about choice and awareness of what we do sexually. Not following a trend so much as to be good to ourselves sexually and therefore psychologically.

I love this question...

"Whoever thought sex-positive feminism was supposed to mean a life like Sam Malone's on "Cheers"? Endless hookups, and rejection of relationships, all while wearing stripper clothes?"... See More... See More

one I have asked myself often (in a way) as I don't feel I fit sex positive or sex negative. I have a hard time with both.... just asking this question makes me rest easier that at least others ask the same thing.

I love the last paragraph.

"We’re not caught between the liberation of the last decade and the conservatism of the new one. Neither endless hookups, nor the tyranny of monogamy-or-bust was ever supposed to be the way to go. Real feminism is always supposed to be about choice."

Yay, This is what my die hard bra burning feminist mumma taught me...!!! Agree entirely."

Anyway, what do you all think?
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