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We went to a really satisfying kink event this weekend. It was a show first with a competition of who was king and queen and then a play event. I had a belt/corset made by a local artist and felt very strong in myself and empowered. Mono, my handsome slave did everything at my beck and call and did very well. He got a good beating on one of the racks and the stockade and then I took him home after wards for more play. I was completely satisfyingly exhausted afterwards as was he.

It was a really good night also in that my friend and lover (on hold) was there with his new girlfriend. We have been meeting regularly and have become closer than ever, even if our sex life is on hold for the moment. He took a moment to grab my ass and give it a good squeeze as he pulled me close for a sec... I came out of character long enough to allow that connection to just be between us, from one Dom to another. He is the only one I would EVER let do that.... it made us both thrilled and connected to have a moment of remembering and reminding of things to come. I don't miss him anymore, because I feel there is a future there. That is all I wanted to know.
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