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Default Vix's Boys

Vix has long had a pattern of collecting odd boys.

I know, I know. That's a crude and rude way of putting it, but let me hasten to clarify: she is drawn to and often establishes affectionate friendships with guys who are geeky, damaged, or both.

Doc is actually a prime example of the pattern, falling into the "both" category. The ways in which he has been damaged by his past have come to light recently, and have recently produced more pain for Vix. That's a story for later, I suppose, but suffice it to say that he refers to his own stunted emotional capacity - he describes himself as a perpetual pre-adolescent - and uses it as an excuse for acting like a shit.

Did I just write that? Wow.

Anyway, the likelihood is that Vix will continue to feel affection for him, though she is generally more conservative - her term - with her emotional and practical energy in general than she was even last year, and she is certainly leary of him in particular

But Doc is just one of many.

The fact is that Vix has something of a cloud of geeky and/or damaged guys who are variously in like or in love with her, and with whom she has some degree of a relationship.

She's fairly selective about who she has sex with - though less selective than I might be, if I were her - but she has "cuddle buddy" status with several of them, and variously expressive affectionate friendships with the rest.

Two weeks ago, we traveled to another city for an event that was also attended by a small handful of Vix's boys. That was . . . interesting.

Last week, another of Vix's boys visited for a couple of days on his way back home from a business trip. His itinerary brought him through our city, so he stopped by for a bit before continuing on.

The two of them had tried a relationship with more physical intimacy when she was visiting his region, a few months ago, but it didn't go well; the dynamics of their friendship changed in a way Vix found disturbing. So, they've agreed to cool it and just go back to being affectionate friends.

This week, another of Vix's boys came to our town for an event we attended here; he's staying on for a few days.

I don't know whether he's damaged, but he is the geek to beat all geeks. He all but worships numbers, and yesterday he spent a diverting hour or two watching live coverage of a "Magic: The Gathering" tournament.

Um. Yeah.

Vix seems to find him endearing, and they seem to have cuddle-buddy status. I don't think Vix would seriously contemplate anything more intimate with him.

The truth is, he's driving me slightly crazy.

Maybe it's the fact that this is the second week in a row we've had one of Vix's boys staying over as a guest. Maybe it's the fact that the guest room is also my home office and the room in which I keep my clothes.

But maybe it's that he is just off-the-charts geeky, and self conscious, and trying too hard to be likable . . . and sloppy, and noisy, and . . .

Oh, my. I should stop.

He's actually a fairly nice guy, and basically decent; I guess I can almost imagine what Vix might find so endearing.

I just want him to go home.


I told all this to Vix today - not just about our current guest, but about her collection, which we've discussed before - and joked that I guess I'm the closest to being "normal" she'd be willing to put up with . . . even granting that I'm fairly geeky and possibly somewhat damaged, myself.

She agreed with all of it, but also suggested that my being at the "normal"-ish end of the spectrum may be why I was marriage-worthy.

As for the current circumstance, I'll get through it. My annoyance with being shut out of my own office is a quirk of our house - too few rooms! - an it's really only a day or two more.

Vix is mindful of my annoyance, and I suspect even our houseguest is aware of it . . . though it just makes him try harder to be likeable, which makes me more annoyed . . . but never mind that.

I also have my own work to be getting on with, so I won't be around much, tomorrow.

I've been thinking that it's just as well that Vix and I didn't agree to veto power when we opened up our relationship . . . and it's certainly just as well we aren't really interested in a triad.

I mean, I'm about as straight as it is possible to be but, even if I were bi, I don't think I could put up with the kinds of guys Vix finds appealing!

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