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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
As parents, we do have to be conscious of the world that surrounds our kids and act accordingly.
Most definitely.

If we are living outside the norm of the area where we live or our kids socialize, then it's up to us prepare them for the fact that, our lives are NOT what everyone else would consider normal. I've seen this happens more so with religion and some people will be self-righteous to the point of cruelty.

I often say that people in the church tend to be the biggest hypocrites. It is a shame when self-righteous behaviour evolves into cruelty. I have seen it with so-called "Christians" more than just random people. Fake ass Christians.

On the flip side, it is also our job to inform our children that just because we are living what would be considered a "normal" life, others may not live the same way and that's okay.
Tis true, but what would happen if my child encounters foolishness and ignorance like I did behind my decision to be a polyamorist? I am fast forwarding and wondering, if I start dating again, "What would I tell my daughter if she had to defend my polyamorist tendencies due to being ostracized?" I would be bloody daft to think it would be seamless and flawless for her. It was not that for me, and I remember what it was like to be a teenager. Some of my former schoolmates were bitches, and they made life hard for people who were different. Be it different because their families were not "old money." Be it because they were lesbians and gay. Be it because they were goth, had piercings, or a lot of tattoos. I am sure that still happens today. I just know I would not want to be the cause of my child getting bullied. I am supposed to stand up for her. Not the other way around.

There are kids that DO have more than two parents, there are step-parents, grandparents acting as parents, adoptive parents, etc.
My daughter knows about same-sex parents, adoptive parents, single parents, stepparents, but in her mind, she was never supposed to have more than two. As a gifted child, she was caught up in the biological aspect, and she could not shake the fact that biologically, it was not feasible. She is wise beyond her years.

As for teenagers - lets face it as a parent, it doesn't take much to piss off and embarrass a teenager. You could be as inconspicuous as you like and some teenagers would still be embarrassed by their parents, especially girls.
Tis true for the most part. Some parents do the absolutely most, though. They set out to embarrass their children. I hope I do not ever do that. I am ripping a page out of my parents book on parenting during my childrens' teen years.
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