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Originally Posted by Scarlette View Post
I'm just feeling really frustrated that my time with his is also partially spent with her, but she can see him all week and half the weekend alone. It's an issue I just don't know the resolution to.
The resolution is to ask for what you want. What else would you think the resolution would be?

What prevents you, exactly, from saying to Isaac, "I am frustrated by the lack of privacy in our situation. I want alone time with you. Please arrange to make that happen because I can't keep meeting in your bedroom with your wife waiting just outside the door."

Is she sticking around to maintain some sense of control over what he does? Doesn't she have friends she can hang with or grocery-shopping to do while you and he get together?

If he doesn't make the effort to be alone with you, which is something so, so simple and adult, then it would seem disrespectful to me, and immature, and I would question the value of continuing the relationship.

I suggested talking to Isaac and not both of them because this is about your relationship with him and getting more alone time with him. I don't believe other people need to be managing relationships they are not in.
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