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So it's been a couple of monthes since I wrote on here, but there has been some good news and I like to try and spread that around too.

My parents went on a trip to Hawaii this last month for two weeks. It was during the olympics and while they were there there was an earth quake in south America that caused a tzunami in hawaii.

So, the thing was not a biggy really, but to my dramatic mother these things are ALWAYS a big deal and she fussed greatly.... called me several times, worried frantically, the whole bit. I was in Vancouver taking in the games a bit and my brother lives there, so we were able to be together as we waited for the emergency to pass. It all was okay and nothing came of it, but it changed things a bit I think.

When they came back they made a bee line to our house to celebrate Nerdists birthday. He didn't invite them and was not expecting them, but they invited themselves and helped make homemade pizza with our family..... and Mono was there!!!! They were relaxed and chatty and very friendly toward him!

It has been several weeks now and we have gotten back into having afternoon tea on Sundays again. my mum has said a few things that are on the verge on an apology in terms of mentioning that she sometimes flies off the handle and screws things up, that she knows I don't trust her anymore, etc. she has been very careful not to ask personal questions as has my dad and both of them keep their distance and haven't gotten back into calling or dropping by every night without being announced.

It's baby steps and I still find myself being quiet about what I am doing in my life, but I have also taken to heart their worry that I don't have a strong relationship with my boy and have been working hard at finding things he and I like to do together.

So there it is.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and being very careful... but it's a step in a positive direction.
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