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Default From the "Body Parts" thread... I cross-pollinated when I shouldn't have.

Plopped in here from the "Body Parts" thread, since I managed to toss this thread into my reply to that one:

Originally Posted by YouAreHere
How capable of adapting to the wilderness would a modern-day, first-world human be without considerable training? Many homeless people depend on the kindness of others, as do many stray animals (my ex feeds three stray cats and apparently, a couple foxes and a possum ).

I doubt that a domesticated animal is any less adaptable. Rather, I think in this society, we've domesticated ourselves out of our own survival instincts as well.
Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
There comes a point though where Human or not, many creatures let go of their 'civilized' mindset holding them back and tap into their 'instincts', sure it may not be a 'pretty' way to live and there may be no coming back from it, but it is by no means impossible.~

That's the definition of the word 'feral'
Sure - animals do it. And many don't do so well. I'm not stating animals *can't* tap into their instincts and survive without human involvement, but it's also no secret that their life expectancies decrease dramatically, especially with motor vehicles and diseases like FeLV and FIV added to the mix.

The point was that stating that it's cruel to turn an animal out into the wild doesn't presume that humans are *better* at surviving in the wild. Indeed, we're probably not. Centuries of domestication, however, has made companion animals *worse* at it (regardless of whether or not they *can*), with no comparison to humans needed.

Not sure how my daughter's two tarantulas and P's two scorpions fit into the mix here, but I don't plan on turning them out, either.

(Nothing funnier than seeing your mom and grandparents ogling the tarantula and getting all inquisitive about it - after the requisite "EW!" of course)
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