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Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
The idea of "one true love" is very compelling
See I'm still pretty new to this so I'm probably only half a step ahead of you in my thinking here... however 6 months ago I probably would have agreed completely.

What I have learned is that I am very possessive and protective over the relationship I have with someone, but that doesn't mean I need to be possessive over the person themselves. It just means I value what I have with them.

What's more is I've come to realise those partners can be more fulfilled by their multiple relationships than if they were just with me. That's not a bad thing either and I shouldn't look at it as a negative on me!! They choose to stay with me because they value the unique qualities which I bring to them.

I'm not saying it's easy to settle into this lifestyle, it forces you (and your partner(s)) to question everything society has ever told you and relearn what you personally want from life. But for me - it fits!!

EDIT - Just to answer your second question - I know lots of people actually dislike the pressure of wanting to meet all of one persons needs, I guess this is possibly what was being referred to?

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