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Mine! We went for over a year and ONLY stopped going due to finances. It's not a magic wand, where you go for 6 weeks and everything is magically all better. It takes a great deal of work by all parties involved. Even after our therapy started, I nearly filed for divorce twice more (the first session was, either show up or I'll walk into the court house and file the papers the next day). It was rough, but very worth it.

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My POV, which is a bit reversed - whether or not counseling would have worked for me and my ex-husband, his refusal to go to counseling told me that he wasn't serious about working on our marriage. That refusal sent a very loud and clear message to me - that he was right, I was wrong, and I was the one who needed to do all the work.

Whether or not that was what was actually going on in his head (he wouldn't tell me), that's what I got.

So, whether or not the actual counseling would have done anything for us, just his attendance would have gone miles.
This is a very good point, if your partner is unwilling to participate, then they have already checked out and no amount of therapy will help.

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