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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Good point. We don't hide who we are, but we don't push it either. We simply act as if it's "normal", and that in itself gives a level of security even to those who are not comfortable with the situation.

If nothing else, they know exactly where they have us (and who to call if need be).
Exactly! I have found this is true with all of our mono friends as well. One family, she is a Deacon in the Episcopal church. LOL!
With all of them, they figured out really quickly that we weren't actually CHANGING anything-we were just acknowledging what already was.

They just don't really care.

But-even those who feel some discomfort knowing-tend to be ok after a little while of realizing that being poly doesn't mean we're going to invite THEM to participate in our sex lives and it doens't mean we're going to break out in sexual activity in front of them.
Ah the naivete.

It reminds me of when I came out bi and the other ladies would freak out thinking I was looking at their bodies-only to be offended when I expressed disinterest because they weren't my type (um yeah, if you are straight-not my type...) lol
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