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Originally Posted by Shipwrecked View Post
I'm well beyond my 30's
I misread your mention of the 30s then...I guess you were saying that in one's 30s is when poly starts to be impractical? The dating pool starts shrinking? Whereas in one's 20s, poly is easier?

Your post really did resonate with me. In my case, though, I find that even if my options are EXTREMELY limited, the few options are ALL better suited to me than the many random single people I used to encounter in my 20s. They are better suited to me because they do share my philosophy on life & dating & relationships.

To be honest, I'd rather end up alone than with someone who doesn't want me to be friends with my exes (or who is aghast at the thought that I am friends with my partner's exes!) or someone who would judge me harshly for having non-traditional relationships. I truly am willing to stake my future on that.
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