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Well my spouse and I dont really give each other veto power. there is one exboyfriend of mine that refer to as "black listed" cause J doesnt like the history there, and thats fine. but aside from that you date who you want to date.

Now, as far as being uncomfortable with the person... I've had issues between Nudge's wife and I. we have a hard time connecting, and I have a hard time being happy for them all the time. But this is my problem, not Nudges. granted, that is his spouse so its different...but I think it's the same feelings your talking about. I realize the problem is between Nudge's wife and i, and he should have to give up either of us cause that would be unfair to him. He loves us both, and she and I have to deal with any differences. We dont disrespect each other or do anything hostile, that would be diffrent case all together.
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