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Originally Posted by HisPet View Post
I have also been the live away love "secondary" and I did feel like a marital aid. Some from the sexual perspective but more that because I was there they were able to limp along in what appeared to be an intolerable state for longer than they might have otherwise.
Interesting comment. I've spent two years listening to BF tell me what a great marriage he has, and yet, given all the other things he says when not speaking directly of his marriage or wife, I've begun to suspect he doth protest too much. He's clearly getting a great deal out of his relationship with me that he wants, and craves, and doesn't get from her. I'm talking emotionally, spiritually. And I have, in fact, begun to feel that by satisfying those things, I'm propping up his marriage, making it viable for him to continue the 'happy marriage' at my own expense, because as long as I stay, I'm also guaranteeing I continue to fend for myself.
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