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Default Poor outlook

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble letting go of jealous feelings. My partner and I are poly primaries. Our relationship hasn't had much time to really have a solid foundation though. We don't have answers for our relationship yet he wants to open another one with a woman I'm uncomfortable with.
And I asked him and her both to wait for any romance until I'm ready too. But in the meantime I'm stuck with these negative feelings that I haven't found a way to surpass. She wants to be close to him romantically. Now, I can't tell if its this alone that bothers me or if its this with her specifically.
With his other gfs and dates (not that it happens often) I've connected with them quite well and thus have no concerns or bad feelings from him seeing them. It generally brings me joy and excitement.
But this is our first case with an unattached woman. She's never tried poly and has her own stuff going on. And while she is friendly and sweet, I get a negative feeling about this.
I've been trying to determine if I'm just succumbing to jealousy or if I'm just following a gut feeling and should sort of veto her if it doesn't change.
If I did veto her, would that even be fair of me to do based on nothing but a bad feeling?
Is there another perspective to this I may just be missing?
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