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I didn't mention love because in context (i.e. in a polyamory discussion forum) the term "partner" reasonably implies it.

I guess how this works is that if you're shut out from the world of LOVE relationships on the basis of something shallow, then you're somehow shallow yourself for correctly identifying that thing as the basis.

For the record though, I'm looking for long-term love relationships with people roughly my own age and am not hung up on looks or weight. Of course I'm sure I'll somehow be called shallow for mentioning that as well, even though I was basically forced into saying it

Anyway, well-played: I guess I'd forgotten about the internet dynamic whereby if anything is omitted, including things which should be reasonably assumed, then everything else you said can be instantly dismissed. In my own defense I guess all I can say is that 10,000 characters isn't a lot of space to make something internet-proof.

And then meanwhile, back in the real world, the reality still remains that I fucked up my life, and may just live the rest of it alone, because I didn't jump off the polyamory train in time.
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