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How old are you?

Attitude is everything. I first embraced poly shortly after turning 50, as I hadn't really ever heard about it until shortly before that. I am certainly not going to dwell on how much more rough poly is when "aging." I have noticed, of course, how much less attention I get as an older, plus-sized woman than I used to as a hot young thing. But I fucked a lot of losers when I was young. Now I go for quality. I don't want just sex, I want loving connections, and those are harder to find for most everyone, poly or mono, young or old. Dating sucks whether poly or mono, young or old. Less of a selection when you're older, but still sucks.

I look at it all as an adventure and try to be as positive-minded as I can. I actually do enjoy going on a date with someone new, getting to know another human being - if it doesn't lead to a relationship, that's okay. If and when I get to know someone I want to give my heart to, I still will give it, and chalk up loss as part of the process and something that has a lesson in it.

Always moving forward...
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"Oh, oh, can't you see? Love is the drug for me." ~Bryan Ferry
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