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The holidays can definitely be stressful, and I know that's part of it. Trying to see everyone I'd like to see (regardless of the day) is difficult. For Samhain dinner, the tradition was that it be on that night, so the family dinner wasn't moving. I understood that the folks with the little one wouldn't be able to stay, but when it's difficult to find time to see his family (especially when he says he sees them enough), it's emotionally difficult to see plans made that I really have to jump through hoops to make, just in the hope that someone will stick around.

But his mom and his son did, so I was happy about that.

Thanksgiving and Christmas, we're a bit more flexible on - I'm used to spending the holiday on an "off day" with my family (usually the weekend before or after Christmas, and the weekend after Thanksgiving). This year, we're doing an early Thanksgiving (and double birthday party) with my family next weekend (eek!), so we can knock off a couple celebrations without having to go mental.

Thanksgiving itself, I'll do the normal early morning turkey trot I do with the kids every year, then bring them to my ex's mom's house for the traditional dinner there. I'll say my hello's, then head down to P's sister's house for dinner with them. Busy, but good.

P's mom has offered up a Yule celebration at her place, since Christmas Eve was getting out of hand.

Christmas itself is going to be up in the air, due to my mom's health - she's done with chemo (yay!), has an Oncologist appt this Friday, and we will determine when her surgery (and subsequent radiation) is then. The kids spend the day at their aunt's house, so I will "do up" Christmas Eve with them and we'll spend some good non-chaotic time together then.

On a side note, it just seems insane that, the day after Halloween, BAM, the Christmas decorations and songs are out in full force. I did start shopping (because I was LATE last year), but jeez... Christmas season really doesn't begin for me until Santa crosses Herald Square - KWIM? Stuffing sandwiches late at night are a great lead-in to Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

(Not that I do that anymore, except for online shopping, but still... mmm... stuffing sammiches...)
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