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Default Missing One from Group and feeling Strained

Hello poly folks! Since me and my group are pretty insulated as far as this whole poly thing goes, I am seeking advice and thoughts to something that has been troubling me lately.

My husband Michael and I have been involved with another husband and wife couple, Hanna and Issac, since the middle of this year. My husband, being in the Marines, is currently stationed away. Has been for the last year and will be for the next 6 months or so (he finally met the other members of our group a couple months ago while on a visit).

Since Michael is gone, Hanna and I have been trying to make do with getting our needs met as much as possible from Issac. Obviously that is putting quite a strain on our group. Since I am a stay at home mom with our young kids, I only get to see Issac and spend the night with him one night a week on Sundays at the moment. The other weekend night and day is Hanna's.

I'm starting to feel as if my needs don't really matter as only being "the girlfriend". I'm dealing with the fact that I only really have 24 hours of his time, but its always spent at their house with Hanna around (mine isn't available to stay at). We can't have sex without her possibly in the other room hearing or watch TV without her possibly coming in and chatting with us. I don't mind her around, she is my friend, but they don't have to worry about those same kinds of things because it's not my house to just be around. If I suggest getting a hotel, she say she feels like we are just trying to avoid her.

I'm just feeling really frustrated that my time with his is also partially spent with her, but she can see him all week and half the weekend alone. It's an issue I just don't know the resolution to.
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