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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Oh btw....the life expectancy of a feral cat is less than 6 years. I have met several cats who are in their late teens early20s.. Heck we had one in today who was 24.

Outside dogs live to 8 to 10 if you are lucky. Most senior dogs who are indoor family pets live past 15 easily.
What is the average life expectancy for house cats, anyway? How about if they go outside? My parents had a cat who lived to 17, but I get the impression that's longer than average. My dad just lost a cat who was 14, and I think the last cat I lost was about 16.

I'm not one of those people who needs a waiting period to mourn between pets. I've always had a healthy understanding that their lifespans are limited and eventually they will die. I'm always sad of course, but a house without a cat just never feels like a home to me. Mine are about 7 now, and I'm starting to realize they're about halfway there. I hate to see them suffer and do not plan any heroic extensions of life, especially if they're in pain. That's just selfish.

I also always like to get them in pairs. I can't be home all the time, and they keep each other company. It always amuses me how they can be trying to rip each other's faces off one minute, and snuggled up together the next. They're not litter mates, but the first was still very young when I got the other as a kitten. Whenever one has to go to the vet for a couple days, they always need time to adjust afterwards, but they always come back to being friends...mostly...
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