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To quote a great man from Captain America the movie, "People often forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own."

Many of the thousands of lives that were taken were German lives, German "Jewish" lives.~

"Germany" does not need to be "forgiven" nor had it ever needed to be, it was those who helped the "Nazis" and Hilter's rise to power that need to be forgiven.~

Only an ignorant person or a liar would blame an entire country for some thing individuals or groups did who were from that country.~

I know you are neither of these.~

I don't hate people, in fact I don't judge people at all, I believe "morality" and its' existence is completely subjective depending on the person.~

I have no "morality", I do not see things as "good" or "bad" nor do I hold others to my ideals and judge them for their actions.~

I like certain things and I don't like certain things, when my likes and dislikes interact with others' likes and dislikes it is usually an interaction without many issues, but I am firm in my convictions and I never "submit" to any one, but I do change my point of view often.~

I do not mind living in a society with established values by the people who live within it, but I am against forcing every one every where, even if they do not wish to be apart of a society with values that conflict their own, to accept these values as their own to live by.~

I make a "difference" between "shame" and "guilt", to me:

"shame" is when you feel horrible because "some one else" has felt that you did some thing "bad" according to "their" "morality",

"guilt" is when you feel horrible because "you" feel that you have done some thing "bad" according to "your own" "morality".~

When you say "good" I have no idea what you are talking about!~

"Good" is completely subjective depending on the person, *your* "good" may be some one else's "bad" and so on.~

Please be *specific*.~

*sigh* Intelligence is simply defined as the speed and ability to learn and understand some thing, this "some thing" can be "any thing"!~ We actually have "no idea" if any one is truly "intelligent" in "every thing" as there are an "infinite number of intelligence".~

One intelligent in mathematics could be unintelligent in basketball and one intelligent in basketball could be unintelligent in mathematics.~

I agree with you in that no amount of difference between any one whether they be Human or non-Human does not make one or the other "better" than the other or "less capable".~

Please don't make the same mistake as others even here on these forums have made: the mistaken idea that because a creature is "not Human" they are some how less capable of adapting to change as any Human would be.~ (I expanded on this more in my thread: Feelings on "Pets")

This is a mistake many Humans make of being condescending towards other species.~

I know you like other Humans may feel very "protective" and "caring" of other non-Human creatures, but please don't let this "protection" and "caring" become "discrimination" and "patronizing".~


Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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