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"Don't worry Kevin, my post was more to educate you with the info on many behaviors of non-human animals that have been 'observed' by human animals and the entirety of that post was directed at humanity in general since so many humans seem to be so self-righteous about themselves and how they see everything."
Okay; I can handle that. May all the self-righteous humans be damned. (A bit more on the less-pretentious humans in a moment ...)

Re (from YouAreHere):
Oh but I'm having so much fun. I love self-flagellation. Helps fill that emptiness in my heart that was hollowed out when I was deprived of a strict Catholic upbringing.

Anywayz, thanks for the heartfelt props.

Now along the same lines ... my warped dream is that someday humans will stop flagellating (verbally and otherwise) their own species and yes even that humans (American humans in particular) will stop flagellating America.

Why? because humans are so perfect? Heh-nooooo. Because America is so glorious? Heh-nooooo. Simply because, like you, I rather dislike watching other people essentially beating themselves up.

Now granted, this is a special type of "self-flagellation" that involves the "few enlightened humans who are superior to the hordes of evil humans" and the "few enlightened Americans who are superior to the hordes of evil Americans." But for me? It still all looks like nasty hateful shit that's full of negative energy.

So do I have some kind of better idea? Maybe, maybe not, but one first thought I'll throw out there is, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." Americans (and even non-American humans) do some damn horrible, inhumane shit. And you bet I hate that shit. But I refuse to give up on the people who have the potential to do so much better.

Example: What good does it do to hate the Nazis? They did what they did. It's done. Millions of innocent lives lost, generational chains permanently damaged, and no way to go back in time and make it right. And *do* we hate the Nazis? Well neo-Nazis, often, yes. Old and long-dead Nazis, even, often yes. But originally Germany was "Nazi Central" and hated as part and parcel with Nazi-hating. Well, why'd we stop hating Germans per se? They're still the "evil descendants of evil Jew killers" just as much as white Americans are the evil descendants of evil slave owners. But by way of some magical turn-around in the human brain, Germans are (less than a century after WWII) considered some of neatest/niftiest people around, and Germany as a whole is seen as one of the neatest/niftiest countries around. That's some fast-ass forgiveness, in my opinion.

We now, in fact, realize that the real problem is that virtually *all* humans have the capacity to "become Nazis," and we need to figure out how to prevent ourselves from becoming Nazis ever, ever again. Voilą! The human race (including Germany) can be liked and loved just fine without having a drop of love for the atrocities that the Nazis committed. So to re-cap: hate the sin; love the sinner.

What we should be worrying about, therefore, is how to inspire a shift in human consciousness. Destroying all the evil people won't solve the overall problem. We need a big-picture approach to the ills, evils, and errors of humankind. So I say it again: Please, all within the sound of my voice: a bit less hating on the human race? Please? Please?

Even today, with all the rotten, goddamned things that *some/many* people do, *many* other people are out there doing a shitload of inspirational good. Would it be so awful if we focused a bit more on that? gleaned a little hope for the future of humanity (and thence all life on Earth) by observing, acknowledging, and celebrating the awesome goodness that these enlightened people are accomplishing? and we're not even usually talking about famous role models here either; we're usually talking about plain ordinary folks who just go about their humble lives as unsung heroes. In other words, humanity has a *great deal of good in it,* to go along with all the terrible, tragic abominations.

In other words, I propose that we put most of our species-wide self-improvement efforts into the mindset of: "Look at all the good we're already accomplishing: How can we build upon that?" rather than sooo often obsessing about, "Oh God we are such an awful miserable arrogant worthless species, all hope is lost, the world and all life thereon will soon destroyed and it will be all our fault." Gee, when one paints oneself with that negative of a brush, doesn't it kind of become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Are we going to tell ourselves that we're destined to continue fucking up, or are we going to tell ourselves that we're going to learn how to do better -- and better -- and better? Personally, I vote for the latter mindset. "Dammit! We're humans. Our brains are big/sophisticated enough to learn what we need to learn. So, we're going to learn it. Watch and see!"

Humanity, in other words, rather than beating itself up for its (admittedly gigantic) mistakes, can (psychologically and otherwise) reward itself for *all* the good that it does, and in that way encourage itself to do even better. Which to me is a promising way to go about improving humankind ... and sooo much less depressing than the species' current rituals of self-flagellation. If depression, guilt, and self-putdowns are not the way to accomplish individual self-improvement, then why should they be the way to accomplish species-wide self-improvement? Is everyone feeling me here? Yes? Yes? Cool idea, kdt26417, you're onto something, in no small part because of YouAreHere's kind encouragement toward you.

In that way, I apologize (coz you know how I adore apologizing) for that lengthy rant of mine, and for "exploiting" your use of the term "flagellate" to demonstrate my own point even though it might not have been a point that you felt so keen about. I earnestly ask your pardon and your indulgence. And hey, if you did feel keen about my "little rant," why, then, I'm a lucky, lucky guy, just as I am if you'll still extend me a remission for my opportunistic stratagem (and failure to give fair warning that I was gonna go all "Republican" spider-monkey on you).
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