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Talking Had a Date Last Night

and we will see each other again on Wed !

My new guy, KW, and I started chatting in August on OKC and we started texting shortly after. Then both of us sort of lost interest, maybe, I'm not sure. I partly wrote off any type of relationship with him at the time due to the distance between us, 45 minute drive to his place. Also at that time, both of us had vehicles that needed work.

KW, from the get go, has been so sweet and respectful and I think I got side tracked by other contacts, ones that were more aggressive in their approach. Unfortunately, nothing ever went any where with those contacts and the couple that were more "romantic" previous pages it's all there, have some issues.

But KW...he and I have always had an easy time discussing stuff and of all the men he has been the only one to never ask me for pics. He is in the airforce, been 2 years in and stationed at the local AFB in the next state over. I asked how long he'll be stationed here (he's originally from Kentucky) and replied he's been told it's a "black hole" so probably for quite some time. When we were chatting this week he was mostly concerned he'd only get to see me one day a week. When I said starting out we'd get two days (due to having children DH & I have agreed upon this, we each get 2 days/nights a week to see whom ever we wish so 4 nights a week the kids always have a parent at home & the other 3 nights are ours together since we both work days etc), he was a little more interested in finally meeting.

I didn't post about him yet since I felt like every time I did post here about a date, I'd jinx myself and nothing happened except a cancellation. Our first date had been planned for Thursday. Guess what, he had to cancel. At least it was due to his tire blowing out, etc (no spare). He felt so bad and was worried I thought he was a flake. So we rescheduled for yesterday, but.....

He didn't get off work until after 9 last night. So our dinner date didn't happen since the restaurant closed at 10 but we did meet at a bar near his place. He is so attractive to me, tall, a good kisser, etc. There definitely is a connection between the two of us (even though there is almost a 20 year age difference between us). I made it home around 2:30 am.

I am so glad KW and I re-connected on okc. He even told me yesterday that he wanted me to know he isn't interested in just a casual relationship, he really wants more than that. I am also glad we took this long to finally meet. I call it charma, meant to be, whatever I AM FRICKIN' HAPPY we are dating!!!! and I really like KW.

DH is feeling mass amounts of compersion for me today. Funny, he and I both know when DH starts feeling those insecurities...when he's half asleep or it's morning. Like the other day, he started going into his emo world an hour before it was time to actually wake. Now that I know how his pysche works and he is now recognizing it in himself, either of us will state the obvious. This is not the time to discuss this. We both need that hour more of sleep, let's table it and come back to it when you are off work.

Thursday DH had his real first date with MG (our 2 yo ended up really sick Mon meaning I had to take her to the ER that night, so DH had to cancel his Tues date with MG) and Yes, I was going to have my date first and when I came home DH was going to his date (maybe we can figure out how to have more time with our other relationships and the kids, eventually, tiny steps at first).

They met over drinks. She really likes him and he her. He's worried about how he feels for MG (another one of those emo moments when he returned home). He was concerned he'll feel less for me because of how they connect. I tried explaining to him, "yes you love me so much and feel so in love with me, but on some levels, I just cannot 100% complete you and isn't that what being poly is about? Loving more than just one an having needs met"? MG definitely does something to DH and it makes me so happy for him that something I cannot meet (a need, not really sure what the need is but that's ok, no insecurity or jealousy about it) he can find in another and feels like he could "fall" for her.

But the emo moments were more because 1) he didn't let me know he made it there (I started to worry something happened on his drive {our newbies live over 30 minutes away} an agreement we have on dating someone in another city) and once he made contact (over 3 hours after he left the house) he felt bad and then 2) MG and him were going over to SF's to discuss things but MG didn't show up and it was just him and SF. SF became sexual with him and he finally had to let her know that emotionally, he didn't feel it for her and broke it off. SF was falling hard for DH. I'm glad he did it in person and not through a text or email. Makes me love him so much more for his honesty with everyone involved.

I just can't stop smiling today. I did explain to KW about the surgery etc. He said he's probably visiting family in Kentucky at that same time, so we both wouldn't be able to see each other then. I said I wasn't sure I should start a relationship with him before or after that so I decided to do the before. Not sure what we'll do on Wed but it will be fun.
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