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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
So now I get to figure out when to have THIS talk with him, without ruining our own dinner tonight. These heavy talks are really getting to be a drag... I'm getting back to the point where we're doing more talking about our relationship than actually enjoying it. Boo.
I wonder how much of this is because of the time of the year? Since there's so many family things that happen over the next few months, it's a time that a lot of people have a lot of really heavy conversations, trying to figure out how their non-traditional life can fit into the more traditional lives of the people around them. I know last year I had a lot of heavy conversations at this time of the year, I came out to my family so my ex-boyfriend could go to Thanksgiving dinner with me and my husband at my sister's house instead of being by himself. So there were heavy conversations with my husband and one with my mom, on top of feeling marginalized by most of my siblings, since the best reaction was "we love you anyway" and the worst ones were the ones that wouldn't even talk to me about it but told my mom all about how I disrespected (I brought my boyfriend, as a friend, to my sister-in-law's father's funeral luncheon, because I wanted to support her but he was at my house fixing things and it seemed rude to leave him there as I ran off again. We didn't even touch.). My husband felt incredibly envious, because his girlfriend is married and has her own family things to do on holidays, so this opportunity would never present itself for him. My mom as amazingly supportive, but it was still a difficult conversation.

I think this time of year is just more fraught with emotional situations anyway, since we're all trying to make everything live up to the perfect vision we have in our head and it's never going to.
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