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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
I understand people like that dynamic and that is fine.for thwem and.there's but I choose not to participate.
And there is the key detail that has been repeatedly missed in the conversations.
None of the examples I ever gave suggested someone else should EVER EVER agree to be a part of our dynamic if they weren't comfortable with our chosen relationship styles.
It would make some people crazy.

But-the fact that we all three choose to do it that way-works for us. We're not trying to force other people to do it our way. We're saying, we don't date people who aren't like-minded.

The guys flat refuse to write on here-because they think it's a wasted effort to explain to "internet people" what they prefer or how they choose to live their lives and neither is interested in participating in any poly groups because they think there is too much "this way or you aren't really poly" attitudes that they find offensive.
But-that doesn't mean that they don't have opinions. It doesn't mean I "make them" do things "my" way. It means-they don't want to talk to anyone on here.
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