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I reject all of your points, "euthanasia", "slaves", "they like it"?~

If you bring any of your colonial attitudes with intent to practice these ideals of your's towards my "family", it won't be pretty for ANY of you.~

No Human can ever speak for a non-Human for Humans truly do not know the point of view of a non-Human due to inadequate communication.~

All of your points on the "thinking" of non-Human is based upon guesses at best.~

The thing is we don't really know any thing at all about how the lives of other species outside of our own work in accordance with that species' own perspective on it.~

We don't know if other species actually practice or even comprehend 'morality' as those in the Human species seem to do, or if they do but they decided to 'discard it' since it's subjectivity is far too unreliable to use as a way of thinking.~

We have no idea about the way that other species 'think' or how their lives 'work' in 'their' point of view and so we only guess at the best what is really going on with them.~

This does not make us 'higher' than them in any sort of 'non-subjective' way, this does not 'make their behavior justifiable in a non-subjective' way, this does not 'make our Human behavior justifiable in any non-subjective way', and this does not 'make us any kind of 'experts' or 'professionals' on them in a way that is not subjective or relative to our own species'.~

The point is we truly don't know and any claim made otherwise of one by our own species is simply pure arrogance, narcissism, ignorance, and foolishness.~

The problem is most Humans are willing to raise many non-Humans, but it seems most Humans also seem to "forget" the most basic of all biological functions: every thing grows up.~

Many Humans are selfish and will try to keep their 'pets' 'children' forever.~

The sad thing is they often succeed and they retard the mental growth of the non-Human.~

There's no excuse for it, every creature will naturally become an adult and to intentionally treat them as "children", never teaching them how to live on their own, you are purposely setting them up to fail, and there is nothing more cruel or sicking than that: a selfish horrible parent who twists love and uses it as a weapon until it is no longer love, just possessiveness.~

So we either do the best that we can learn how to do, we don't try to raise children at all, or we accept the reality of what we are doing to other living creatures whether or not you can find some reason to justify it to yourself is irrelevant.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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