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Originally Posted by london View Post

When someone says that they practice a family style of poly where the expectation is for all members of the network to spend time as a unit and meeting potential metamours is an absolute must and that sort of thing, it raises red flags for me.
I agree with this. Now.when I was seeing Z, it was fine activitiea with his gf and her other partners ans N because we were already friends anyway. Bit if I was talking to someone new and it was required that I.mostly spend.time with his.other partners I would back away. I don't mind meeting someone but mt relationship is with the person I am involved.with, not their partners. I understand people like that dynamic and that is fine.for thwem and.there's but I choose not to participate. Unless it just happen to develop that way. I had never expected to friend J but since she lived with my bff and N'a mom we happened t spend time together in group activities that we just naturally became frienda.
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