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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
(Ľ) Yep. My cat took me through the whole routine that her mom took her through. First she brought me dead mice and left them for me to eat. I politely disposed of them when she wasn't looking, but she thought I ate them. Next they started coming back less and less dead. She'd show me how to kill them. Eventually she brought me one that was maimed and bleeding all over, but still very much alive. She watched me euthanize it by dropping a log on it, quick and painless. I was traumatized, to put it mildly. That was my final exam. I passed, was certified capable of looking after myself by my doting pet, and she never brought me another mouse again. True story.
As a cat-mom of a little huntress who's brought two dead mice out of the cellar so far, this is what I've been told to expect. However, I'm hoping they stay dead longer, since maybe she's trying to teach my kids too. ;-)

Count this another vote for not turning domesticated animals out into the wild. One of my cats could probably survive (she seems to have been an outdoor cat before I adopted her), but the other is a big doof, and likely would just run to another house and beg. I would find it cruel to turn them out like that, and they're well past the age of maturity (8 & 11, approximately). They're happy here, they're not trying to leave, and I'm not telling them what to do unless it's "get your face out of my cereal bowl!"
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