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Yes, this is my main concern. I'm trying to figure out how to get happy and healthy again and move on.

As far as my husband, we are very close friends. Never really fight he'd do anything for me ect..... sexually and emotionally it's dead. I can't bring myself to leave him because I want to be in love with someone who can give be those things. We have 2 older kids and a 21yr. History that aside from all this has been good. There are no guarantees I will find love or have a fulfilling sex life if I leave my husband. I could end up in something worse. However, the things I'm missing in my marriage cannot be fixed and are pretty strong needs.

Swinging... idk I can't really swing or meet anyone with a condom allergy. I'd swing but it's very impersonal. ...I need more of a connection and that's a hard find as well in the lifestyle.

Plus I begin to compare everyone to B. I lost so much as ....made me realize what I was missing in my marriage, lost 2 long term relationships because I was back with B and people were jealous., also can't really have sex since I developed this allergy and not having sex with my husband and don't want to either.

See it's great B gets to move on... he's single now..... but I can't I'm stuck. It don't seem fair.
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