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Gralson is a slave to his job, works out of town all but 4 days every 2 weeks. So I'm lucky to see him for Thanksgiving at all. Auto usually does things with either her or her husband's parents.

Christmas we do differently each year. Auto always hosts a Solstice celebration for everyone in the extended family. Last year, we made a relationship train of 6 people: Gralson, me, Auto, her husband, his boyfriend, and his wife. My mom was even there, all the way from 1200 km away. This year, Gralson and I are planning to travel to my home town for xmas.

But I like to poach the phrase "first world problems" to describe the issue of "I have too much love in my life, how do I decide who to share it with during holidays?" A popular recommendation for that problem is to volunteer at a homeless shelter / soup kitchen for the holidays, and invite your partners to join you. Hard for anyone to criticize you for choosing the wrong person that way, plus the obvious benefit of helping those less fortunate than yourselves.
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