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Originally Posted by london View Post
That would be funny to watch, though. I seriously think people who say things like this have too much time to think. It reminds me of Heather McCartney (ex wife of Paul) who said we should be drinking rats milk.
I'm totally picturing walking in with a mouse hanging out of my mouth, then trying to rip its throat out with my useless human incisors.

I can understand feeling upset over the process of animal domestication, but once it's done, we can never go back. If you disagree with keeping pets, the humane solution is euthanasia, not turning them out to fend for their selves. Alley cats and wild dogs simply do not have good lives, and throwing out your pets as soon as they stop being cute cuddly puppies and kittens is worse than irresponsible, it's downright cruel.
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