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Default No worries, I don`t feel attacked one bit.

As the title says, I don`t feel attacked, nor do my ideas, actually.

Point of view is the difference, that is all.

Speaking of points, here are a few ;

- Distance does not stop a relationship. If the person is on your mind, and in your heart still. If you think about them often, see them in gaming-world, profiles, forums, emails, etc, ...Then they are still, ' In Your Life '.

- He has explained many things, and you two seem to see things differently. Your POV`s differ, and the roller coaster conversations are proof of that.

- To talk and flirt a little with others is harmless. It is acceptable, and normal to get to know other people. You can be upfront about your broken heart, and need to heal, while still developing friendships. No expectations should come of that.

As they say,.."Nothing good ever came easy.."

...The flip side to that is;

"Nothing worthwhile ever came forced. "

Try to take everything typed, as food for thought, not a criticism. That is the spirit in which it was given. We all respond to each others stories, and remarks, as a way to hopefully help each other grow, and see various points of view. Feel free to remind me of that sometime, when I post a story

All in all, I wish you the best, no matter the outcome. Can`t wait to hear of the new baby ,...that will be a definite joy !
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