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Re (from YouAreHere):
"Oh, my ... I go watch some DVR'ed TV, go to bed, and here we are in the morning!"
Sorry (bowing head sheepishly, probably with shame). You know, this kind of reminds me of the good old days at Poly Percs, when I used to uncontrollably write boringly long posts one after another. At least then, though, I spread 'em over more than one thread, and Ppercs gave me a seemingly limitless size for a single post (hence, no embarrassment from having to split one post into two to three posts). Plus I was convinced back then that I was actually helping quite a few individuals as well as the "community" as a whole. Now I'm a small person, in a site that could squash Ppercs like a bug, and my new talent seems to be choosing the wrong things to think and say, every time. Waaah, ya feel sorry for me now, don'tcha?

Dammit, I know it's a mixed package and that's life, some people send encouragement your way, while others seem like if they had a genie and three wishes, all three wishes would be "Make that asshole kdt26417 leave." So what I should be doing is taking all that in stride and reminding myself that I do have friends and that it's my friends that matter. But in the vain pursuit of perfection I've let my not-so-much-friends psyche me into trying harder and harder to talk my way out of a jam, resulting in posts that look at first glance like magnum opuses, but the closer I inspect them, the more fatal flaws I find. Ah, for the heart of Mozart instead of Beethoven. Mozart had zero self-doubts and wrote everything perfect and complete in its first draft; Beethoven was rumored to second-guess a single note, back and forth until he'd worn a hole through the paper. (Doubt not the rumor ... Wikipedia sez official erasers were invented as early as 1770.)

Anyhoo, I do humbly apologize for "gorging myself on your time;" what the heck I'll apologize to me too, cause my time be vaporizing like a mutha -- not very smart/responsible of me, is it? It's like I have this obsessive belief that I can "fix things" ... and the truth is, ya can't fix everything.

"Thanks, Kevin. I wasn't upset by CW's reaction. More confused by the vitriol over the whole hand-shaking 'stereotype.'"
I was confused and concerned. CW later indicated that he didn't mean it as serious as it sounded, but maybe the moral is, stop and think about how you're gonna say something before you say it, lest others could become confused about where you're coming from emotionally.

Um, yeah, I'd definitely shy away from shaking a hand I could smell (unless it were the smell of motor oil or something).

"I have a coworker who, as a form of habit, sticks his hands (backwards, so the palms are facing outward) down his pants in the back while he's talking. He's the only one I really prefer to not have to use anything out of his office."
Odd. If only the back pockets would do, eh?

"Most branches of Christianity seem to have become modern-day Pharisees again, right down to ignoring the poor people around them in favor of lecturing those who don't follow the rules to a 'T.'"
I consider the LDS church (as a whole) to be pretty darn guilty of all that, given their anti-same-sex-marriage campaigns and purchase of a damn mall in Salt Lake City while they have faithful members around the world who are starving.

"I'd rather follow Jesus' example than follow what gets spewed out by many organized religions at this point. It's ironic that this means I'm not a traditional 'Christian.'"
Seems to me that the definition of Christian is "following or a follower of Christ." Lots of churches claim to embody that path, but man I don't trust organized religion (and I don't think Christ does, either).

Re: generation-long gestation of societal changes ... largely true; exposure to something as a kid does seem to help one accept it better as an adult. Homosexuals are far from accepted as much as I'd like to see, but at least people are "fighting over it now" rather than just contentedly lounging in their traditional paradigms.

'Don't Panic!'
Make sure you have your towel with you at all times."
That would be the second step in any crisis situation.

"Re: your funniness ... I get it -- I'm a sarcast, a wiseass, and someone who has a habit of trying to deflect difficult emotions with laughter (up to a point). I've had to backpedal from that a couple times in my life, but luckily (and happily) very few. You keep being you. "
I appreciate your encouraging words ...


Re: the "duck article" ... interesting. Now for my questions about it (bound to emerge as this cat is at least curious enough to get into mischief).

Note 1: Many of these questions are really commenters' questions (FYI).

Note 2: Some of these questions may be unanswerable even by the smartest biologists currently available, so, take any question here as mere food for thought if you so desire.

Note 3: A few of these questions may seem somewhat rhetorical. Kevin hereby takes no responsibility for such defects.

Note 4: At least one question may be deplorably off-topic, but I ain't takin' responsibility for that one either (bwa-ha-ha-ha).

Question A: How does a female duck decide whether a particular male would make a suitable mate? They don't seriously inspect his wing length, feather quality ... or? do they? If it's about diversity in a mate, how does the female know that he "looks a lot different from her?" They don't have mirrors.

Question B: How common is rapist behavior in ducks and geese? (more common than human rape? less common?)

Question C: Is the inclination to rape an evolutionary advantage?

Question D: If it's not, then why does it evolve at all?

Question E: Are humans' simpler genitalia a sign that rape is better for humans than it is for ducks?

Question F: Can a "rape" be called "rape" only if the perpetrator (and victim?) have a bonafide awareness of what rape as we understand it is?

Question G: If it's not to be called "attempted rape," what's it to be called? extremely vigorous wooing?

Question H: You don't think a male duck would try to screw a female goose, do you?

Question I: When female mallards (for example) are willing, doesn't their complex plumbing impede their species' reproduction as a whole?

Question J: Can said mallards' plumbing "straighten out" so as to ease reproduction for welcome males?

Question K: Why haven't vaginal/cloacal teeth evolved?

Question L: Whereas female ducks and geese appear to be "screwed" vis--vis male mating habits, male praying mantes and at least a few kinds of male spiders appear to be *even more screwed* vis--vis female mating habits. So who's ahead in the "battle of the mating sexes" throughout the animal kingdom?

Question M: Is human diversity/adaptability (a likely trait since humans have migrated into nearly every environment the planet offers) some kind of sign of evolutionary "superiority?" (Hmmm ... or does that make cockroaches the superior species ...)

And finally:

Re (from Warren Jones on Tue Oct 06 00:10:04 BST 2009):
"Okay humans, I know that all science has it's uses, but maybe we could put duck vaginas on the back burner while we deal with this whole mass extinction thing?"
LOLOL, OMG that's hilarious. "Life on Earth is about to be wiped out, and we're obsessing over ...?" Sigh, only humans could do that shizzle, right?
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"

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