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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

The thank you was directed at me, so you don't have to understand it. I understood the reason perfectly well.

LR herself is in one of those relationships. Her partners are free to develop relationships however the fuck they want. What you can't seem to comprehend is that THEY CHOOSE to only form relationships that are compatible with the family model, because THEY are not willing to give up family time in order to date other people.
I could give other examples as well-but it wouldn't make sense since none of them are people who post here.

The truth is-that just because people choose to do things similar, doesn't mean anyone is making them.

I choose to attend UAA. Other people choose to attend UAA. We take classes together, we study together, we learn together, we do group projects together. We aren't forcing each other or manipulating or controlling each other into that. We are individually choosing to do something the same way.

There are other people who are choosing to go to college somewhere else. They are also not being manipulated by us, nor are they manipulating us. They simply have choosen to do something different that we have.

Likewise with family style/hub. Both are do-able. For different people. My sister operates very "family style" with us and our larger group of friends. However-she is very "hub style" with her boyfriend and his family. The two groups aren't intermixed and theirs doesn't socialize outside of their household, together.

So for example; she had a "household bday" at their place. Then, tonight, we had friends and family and extended family including kids and oso's BUT NOT INCLUDING her household here. Her idea. Her plan. In both cases.
Because she CHOOSES to use both styles.

For our household we each have different REASONS for choosing a family style. But it's our choices. Once the kids are grown, a lot of that will change. But the kids aren't grown.
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