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" With him not saying anything to me, it feels more final then what I had planned. "

...Then what you had planned ? He needs to be left alone, not answering for his every action. He is not helping matters, when he gives you hope. You seem to be hurting so bad, you see 'hope' with each small gesture.

I am sorry you are going through all this hurt and pain. It is hard to let go of someone we love. Sometimes the Drama is all we have left, and we clutch to it, because our heart feels, that it is better then nothing. Each conversation, matter the topic, is a way to keep the drama alive.

In order to be friends, you have to give yourself time away from each other.

Let your hearts heal, then broach it months down the road, and see if the friendship still exsists.

It is definetly one of those times, where it`s easy to see on the outside looking in, but very hard for the person living it, to come to terms with it all. I don`t comment out of any feeling of superiority. I think in many ways, most of us have been where you are at.

Take that great husband of yours, and focus the energy there. Someone else said to flirt and look around a little. It appears you may have become so absorbed in Elric, your heart forgets others exsist.

Take a deep breath, and lift your eyes, from off the ground. You need to force yourself to do the actions, (stay away from him) and THEN your heart, will heal, and your head will clear.

Be well.
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