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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
With regards to communes and the like, a concept I really found valuable in thinking about this is "cohousing"-- people have minimal apartments and share a common house that's fully decked out (most have a common room, a hardcore kitchen, laundry facilities, and a mail room... some have crazy things like guest quarters and playrooms and darkrooms). It's super cool, and I have ambitions of starting one with my extended poly family (which just got bigger officially this weekend-- my girlfriend just got a boyfriend! Squee!)
Thanks Saudade for correcting my terminology.

Cohousing is becoming a huge think - especially in Europe. Given the state of the world - energy, food, climate etc - there's a very good chance that it may be the best (or only) way to live in the future.
And what better opportunity could there be for a group where love is already a component !

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