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What I've read. I'm not prepared to discuss this further, here, but that is my opinion. Feel free to message me further about this if you so wish.

I will, however, recap my views on the topic itself:

When someone says that they practice a family style of poly where the expectation is for all members of the network to spend time as a unit and meeting potential metamours is an absolute must and that sort of thing, it raises red flags for me. It does this because when I hear the reasons why they want this, more often than not it relates to them requiring some form of.supervision of those relationships opposed to the benefits of family poly living, although they may be mentioned as an afterthought. Requiring supervision.signifies that one or more of the people in this relationship either cannot trust or cannot be trusted. I agree that people in other relationship styles raise similar red flags and I'm sure you've seen me say as much, but like a closed triad is an attractive route for a couple with all the flaws notorious in unicorn hunters, I feel a family style of poly is attractive for another type of dyad with similar flaws. And again, since I am a straight female, I am less concerned about unicorn hunters than this.
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