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Thumbs up We had the "Polyamory Talk"

I want to thank everyone for the post. They helped me form a way to have the conversation in the right way.

We went to dinner after I put the post up about what to say. I approached the conversation about his views on his life when he was living a swinger lifestyle. Having the conversation about the pros and cons of a swingers lifestyle opened the door for me to talk about Polyamory. He had watched a documentary with me on The Life Of Polyamory and he knew what the lifestyle was entailed. He said he is open to making the change to Polyamory.
We have always been very honest with each other about how we feel, what we want and how to achieve our goals in whatever area of life we are pursuing.

Our life is very laid back and simple, easy. We rarely have any confusion or commotion about anything. I am very vibrant and outgoing, he is quiet and easy going. We like reading the Sunday paper over coffer or a cup of tea and having discussions over what's happening in the world today.
We both have children that are very important to us.
His marriage failed over a cheating wife and mine failed because of all the things we had done that we couldn't take back, we both made mistakes.
We met each other almost six years ago and honestly fell in love at first sight. He says I came out of nowhere just for him. I caught myself staring awkwardly at his eyes. We couldn't deny how hard it hit us. We went out a week after we met and we have been together ever since.
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