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I didn't mean any thing as serious as it sounded towards YouAreHere specifically, I'm just very conscious about the spreading of illogical practices like those I've seen practiced in other countries like India where they clearly use soap and water with their hand instead of toilet paper they then clean both their hands thoroughly yet they still insist on this practice of 'left hand is for certain things like your butt and right hand is for certain things like eating', to me: if you're going to be that paranoid about hand hygiene then don't make any physical contact with their hands at all when meeting new people, simple.~ ^_^

I'm reminded of my love from a video game named Dragon Age: Origins by a beautiful wonderful woman named Morrigan, "I do not understand many Human customs.~ Such as when it comes to such a simple greeting why is there so much touching?!~ Why does this person want to touch my hand?~ I find it an offensive invasion of my personal space!~"
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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