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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
Well, my daughters are now seasoned shippers - one is in her teens, the other not yet in her teens, and they seem to have no regard for the indifference of their parents to the trope.

My older daughter was fixated for a time on Kirk/Spock, though I reasoned with her - with impeccable logic - that Spock would never debase himself by getting that involved with Kirk, not in the shipping sense, anyway.

I did suggest to her a possible Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack ship, which made her laugh. I suppose Captain Jack wouldn't want to be so . . . limited in his, um, affections.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of science fiction for exploring the wider reaches of human experience, beyond the safe confines of convention. My older daughter once came across the term, 'pansexual', and asked what it means. I just said: "Like Captain Jack."

(Though, truth be told, even that term might be too limiting for him!)
Well technically that's not true, since in an interview the creators or those in charge of Captain Jack behind the scenes actually said, "We never said he was omnisexual, every one else just implied that, it's just that the future he came from every one is more or less bisexual."

So while he may not mind what sex you are: male or female, he is still limited by the binary nature of bisexuality.~

In other words: you would have to be either male or female and not some thing else or you have to have resemble either having some recognizable features of a 'male' or a 'female' for him to be attracted to you.~

The cosmos is infinite and there has to be more than just our conceptions of 'male' and 'female'.~ So those kinds of people would be 'excluded' from his 'dancing' or so I think, they always seem to put a sex on all of the aliens encountered in the series by him.~ ^_^

I don't remember Captain Jack ever encountering an alien like this, but The Doctor has like the Nestene Consciousness.~

I have no idea about the Daleks, according to a Wiki about them in The Doctor Universe: they are mutated versions of a previous species who now live inside cyber machines, the real creature inside these machines is a 'blob' of tentacles and 1 big eye I do not know if they even have a sex any more or how exactly they reproduce but it seems to be outside to concept of 'male' and 'female' 'mating'.~

Cyberman fall into a 'gray' area with Captain Jack as they technically they have no genitalia but they are shaped like men and they're brains usually come from Human Men and Women.~
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