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what... no cock shot? and perfect grammar? i dunno, you make those monogamist boys that were after you sound boring ;-) just joking. sorry, i joke about EVERYTHING, feel free to tease me back. ;-)
its strange, you'd think that poly would make those of us who are monogamists think that there were relationship issues or commitment issues and want to run away screaming..... but since poly isn't about sex only, does the exact opposite...attracts.
altho, it is also one of the most difficult relationships for monogamists. after all, they are only seeing their poly partner. on that note I'd like to flip swicth this discussion... after "attracting" a monogamist, has anybody ever been accused of trying to "convert" a monogamist to polyamory? not that you can "convert" , that's not what i mean... i just wonder if anybody has been accused of it? a cpl of the information sites i went to actually said that was a concern to be addressed in most poly-mono relationships.
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