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Kip is being an incredible support. I'm not entirely sure how he ended up in this role. He just seems to be around when things are tough and able to drop what he is doing to help out.
I had a second date with the new guy. We like each other Still not talked relationships. We are texting a lot, and the conversation turned to BDSM. He says he is into light play, blindfolds, light restraint and being Dom. He hasn't asked what I have done. Hahaha. I didn't offer up any information. Prof, Kip and Yo have all commented that I come across as ultra restrained and vanilla in the real world but very adventurous when naked. Best to let these things come out slowly, I think.
New Guy is coming to the concert with me next week. He knows the artist and is very keen. Prof pulled out due to S.
Yo pulled out of today's event due to a funeral, yet more bad news. I am taking the kids with me. Mummy has green 60's back-combed hair and and a very sparkly outfit, complete with silver go-go boots They think I look pretty, I did a test run last night to show Prof when he came round. It was a weird moment. We went from fun costumes to S is terminal. It's a shock, I am in shock.
Me: mid 40s female.
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