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Oh, my... I go watch some DVR'ed TV, go to bed, and here we are in the morning!

Thanks, Kevin. I wasn't upset by CW's reaction. More confused by the vitriol over the whole hand-shaking "stereotype". I realize you never know how clean someone is, and I'm honestly not someone who's all that fussy about touching dirty things (although the cat puke is sometimes a bit much). I do, however, think it goes a bit far to smell someone's hands - I'm assuming, CW, you meant from a distance. If I could smell filthy hands, I'd probably not want to shake hands either, although I know I'd wash my hands at some point in the near future if I did.

I have a coworker who, as a form of habit, sticks his hands (backwards, so the palms are facing outward) down his pants in the back while he's talking. He's the only one I really prefer to not have to use anything out of his office.

Taking pieces of your posts in reverse order (coz that's how I can refer to them in this window):

Re. Jesus being with the masses rather than preaching down to them: This is one of the BIG things that caused me to re-examine my own religion. Most branches of Christianity seem to have become modern-day Pharisees again, right down to ignoring the poor people around them in favor of lecturing those who don't follow the rules to a 'T'. I'd rather follow Jesus' example than follow what gets spewed out by many organized religions at this point. It's ironic that this means I'm not a traditional "Christian".

Re. societal change: I'd certainly love to see studies on this, with dates and charts and what-not, but it seems that societal change seems to come about once a generation gets comfortable with something and comes of age to make policy. Folks who grew up where gay couples were out and were asserting themselves as "okay, dammit" are now old enough to make policy and there you go. Unsubstantiated observation with no data behind it, but that's how it seems to me.

Re. "Don't Panic!": Make sure you have your towel with you at all times.

Re. your funniness, I get it - I'm a sarcast, a wiseass, and someone who has a habit of trying to deflect difficult emotions with laughter (up to a point). I've had to backpedal from that a couple times in my life, but luckily (and happily) very few. You keep being you.

Re. violent rape among animals: ducks. Honestly, just Google "duck rape" - the females have actually evolved mechanisms to thwart this.

Re. pooping: I'm done on this topic. No worries.
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