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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Well, my daughters are now seasoned shippers - one is in her teens, the other not yet in her teens, and they seem to have no regard for the indifference of their parents to the trope.

My older daughter was fixated for a time on Kirk/Spock, though I reasoned with her - with impeccable logic - that Spock would never debase himself by getting that involved with Kirk, not in the shipping sense, anyway.

I did suggest to her a possible Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack ship, which made her laugh. I suppose Captain Jack wouldn't want to be so . . . limited in his, um, affections.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of science fiction for exploring the wider reaches of human experience, beyond the safe confines of convention. My older daughter once came across the term, 'pansexual', and asked what it means. I just said: "Like Captain Jack."

(Though, truth be told, even that term might be too limiting for him!)
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