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You know, I've been thinking about this a little more and what I realised is that I do tell my partner(s) when I get talking to someone new and exciting. I do tell them about my intentions with them. I do tell them what could, will, and might happen when I see them. I do all those things but not because there is a rule around it, not because my partner(s) want agency over my other relationships and not because my partner(s) are uncomfortable with one or both of us being poly, but its because we are friends. I like gossiping with my (sex positive) friends about our relationships and our sex lives, and having partners who are poly ans often kinky too offers a fantastic opportunity to talk to someone who gets it. To clarify, the absence of any sort of rules or regulations about how and who I date has created an environment where I actually want to talk about my other relationships with my partner(s) and it prompts me to consider their advice in a way I wouldn't if I suspected they sought to control me.
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