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Originally Posted by Luv2HaveMore View Post
Forum police? LOL! Your analogy is absolutely pointless and entirely off base. This forum is a waste of time for anyone seeking helpful, information help about Polyamory.... Don't get upset at me for pointing it out. No need to Ban me, I have no intention of associating with such a closed minded group of posers, who have delusions of being "Open minded"...... I will go enjoy true freedoms, and groups that truly understand love, and compassion for their fellow man.
There is no helpful information about poly? Are you kidding? This is a public forum, and this is one of how many thousands of threads? Come off it. Not everyone is going to hand out sugar coated advice. In real life, not everyone pats our hand and tells us, "There, there dearie. It will all work out in the end and be peachy keen."

The OP came here, and these people gave advice and insight on how THEY would handle the situation. No one was disrespectful to the OP, and if she felt that anyone was, she can report them to the mods. As you can see, they are all around this board and actively participating. You are speaking on her behalf like she is unable to do so. I am not sure of her age, but she is a grown woman. You act like you are personally involved because you are getting titty hurt.

You were here for a hot second, and you did nothing but judge everyone who commented on this post. In the same breath, you turn around and call people close minded, hypocritical, and posers. The insult hurling thing you are doing is damn sure not helping the OP's predicament. I have not seen a bit of advice from you to her. Yet, you want to dismiss our advice because it does not meet your standards or approval. I hope you find a forum that is better suited to your particular needs. I wish you well.


OP, they have given sound and realistic advice that is reasonable and blunt. Sometimes tough love is what is needed. What you are describing will be difficult if it is attainable, and there is no easy way to do it. I hope you find peace within the situation and learn from this. I also hope her boyfriend tells her the truth and soon. She deserves that. Best of luck.
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