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Originally Posted by Luv2HaveMore View Post
Forum police? LOL! Your analogy is absolutely pointless and entirely off base. This forum is a waste of time for anyone seeking helpful, information help about Polyamory.... Don't get upset at me for pointing it out. No need to Ban me, I have no intention of associating with such a closed minded group of posers, who have delusions of being "Open minded"...... I will go enjoy true freedoms, and groups that truly understand love, and compassion for their fellow man.
And your real life experience with Polyamory is what?

You have made no post introducing yourself. Yet you are more than happy to come in pointing fingers and throwing out accusations.

Those of us replying to this thread have out have had successful poly relationships of various configurations.

The shenanigans like the OP has been partaking in is the reason the average Joe believes poly is just a fancy name for cheating. People who live non ethically are the ones who give those of us who do go about our relationships the right way a bad name.
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