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I cannot wait for you to come back and put these nay saying hypocritical individuals in there place! I believe in the positivity of life and the pursuit of happiness. Weather mainstream society agrees or does not... I personally am rooting for you, and believe if there is a will there is a way. Many people would love to judge everyone on this forum as being immoral and going against the "Devine plan" The only advice I would give to you, is to live the life(lifestyle) you choose. Don't get caught up on other people telling how to live, or what they feel is right or wrong about your life. Everyone struggles from time to time. Those that cast the first stone had better be able to walk on water...... Best, and I honestly mean, best wishes to you. Please let me know your success story when it happens. Hopefully you will come across people in the community who are actually looking to help and make a difference in people's lives, instead of play God.
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