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Luv2HaveMore, are you the boyfriend in question?

I hope this situation turns out well for all involved. I know the OP means well. But given what I read here and elsewhere, this is unlikely. Yeah, that's hard to hear. Facing reality is merely a first step. I'm not seeing a lot of reality facing here but wishful thinking and denial.

Starting out as people who cheated - especially for almost 2 years! - is never a good beginning. It is true, people do manage to make poly relationships work for them after cheating or breaking trust in some way. But it is really, really hard. It requires so much pain, and work, and dedication and willingness to listen and to really change that for most, it is not possible. The link to LovingRadiance's blog points to an exception - and you can read about the very hard times they endured.

Other posts have pointed out some questions and concerns that will come up. Take a look around the forum. Search for older threads. This situation comes up a lot here and the advice doesn't vary much.
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